Sandhill Crane

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This site consists of 7 galleries or categories consisting of: Mammals, Landscapes, Wildflowers, Birds, Insects and Reptiles and Amphibians. The 7th gallery is a Slide Show consisting of a presentation of all the photos in the other 6  galleries.  There are two Slide Show boxes on the site.  Each operates differently, depending on your intent.   

If your desire is to see all the photos in one step, click on the smaller Slide Show-All Photos box----located on the lower portion of our homepage.  The site will display, in still form, all of the photos on the site.  If you mouse over each photo, its caption will display.  If you then click on the Slide Show start button, it will run through all the photographs once and then stop.   Alternatively, if your desire is to use the photos like a screen saver or as a continuous display running in the background during a meeting, then click on the larger Slide Show-All Photos box---located on the upper portion of our homepage.  This will produce  a continuous, random  display of all the photographs on the site.   

Further, by using the Search Photos function in the upper right corner of the home page, viewers can do a sort on any word appearing in either the Title, Caption or Keywords (as outlined below) associated with any photograph. If you go to the Home Page, and do not click on any of the Galleries, your search will include all of the photographs on the site. Alternatively, if you just want to search within a particular Gallery, click on that Gallery and then your search will only apply to that Gallery.

Keywords: The following keywords have been posted for most photographs. These words are intended to facilitate sorting through the entire collection of photos.

          Subject--e.g., fox, butterfly, bird, tree



               Village (optional)

               Specific Location (public property only)

          Photographer’s name

Photo Details: For viewers that have an interest in camera details and further information on a particular photograph, click on that photo. Then click on the icon in the upper left corner of the screen and, if desired, the Show More button. This will display details such as camera used, camera settings, date taken, etc. Further, note that this also displays the Keywords associated with that photograph. Clicking on any of the Keywords will display all the other photographs, within that Gallery, that also contain that Keyword.

Copying, Downloading or Ordering Photographs: Finally, in order to preserve the work product of our contributing photographers, this site will not allow copying or downloading of photographs. Also note that some photographers have watermarked their photos for further protection. If you have an interest in acquiring a photo, which we certainly encourage, please contact the photographer directly as outlined on this site: